LS Central for Restaurant

Direct, clear communication between front of house and kitchen. Rapid, professional service that makes guests feel welcome. A well-organized kitchen, where ingredients are used efficiently to produce dishes of top quality, with no delays or errors. This sounds like a dream to most restaurant owners. This is your daily reality when you use LS Central for restaurant and food service businesses.

LS Central is a unified platform that gives you a clear overview over your whole operation, while facilitating communication in the restaurant. Send orders directly from the POS to the kitchen, speed up table turns, create menus centrally, decrease waste and operational costs, and delight your guests, again and again.

Keep total control over your business

Replace your many software solutions with LS Central for restaurant and food service businesses, just one enterprise-wide software system that enables you to:

. Oversee and manage your operations from headquarters
. Centrally manage prices, recipes and menus
. Streamline your purchasing to maximize revenue
. Keep track of all your locations in real time
. Manage staffing efficiently
. Analyze real-time business data, and take smart business decisions

Eliminate errors and improve the bottom line

The restaurant-specific functionality in LS Central empowers you to:

Price your dishes to ensure profit
Cut waste by using the correct quantities
Make sure guests receive exactly the dish they ordered, with the correct modifiers
Speed up table turns
Book tables to optimize space and timings
Plan your meals in advance and rationalize your ingredients orders

Gain customer loyalty and repeat business

Deliver exceptional customer service and grow repeat business. Wow your customers with:

Fast order-taking and payments at the table with the mobile POS
Accurate information on ingredients and allergens at the POS
High menu flexibility: let your guests add and remove ingredients from dishes
Personalized promotions, offers and meal deals
Loyalty programs
Fast and precise delivery service